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Hands on Experiential Learning + Facilitated Learning  + 1200lb 100 % Honest Teacher


Stimulating Engaged Learning That Creates Collaboration, Teamwork, Communication and Trust !!  

 "Youth Leadership Development Program" consists of a curriculum that drives objectives to outcomes. Each exercise is designed in a "Building Block" style, meant to focus on one objective at a time. The curriculum is client-centered, using horses as barometers, and facilitators as guides to encourage self-examination. 

The individual evaluation revolves around:

  • The Holistic Nature of the Horse

  • Objectively Driven Curriculum

  • Combined with Facilitation

  • Experiential Learning

  • Partnering with Community, Social, and Educational Resources

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"The Formula For Success"

This 12 exercise Building Block Curriculum has been designed to build a strong foundation of life skills starting with one objective building block at a time. Each objectively driven exercise builds off the next starting with building relationship, communication, problem solving, conflict resolution, leadership, teamwork and how to adapt to find success to name a few. Individual assessment comes from not only the facilitators, but from the horses as well.

Experiential Learning

Participants will ….

  • learn to develop – evaluate – alter their plans to find success.

  • see the value in reinforcing positive behaviors in a team.

  • gain a greater understanding of self and awareness of others.

  • recognize the need to constantly adapt in order to facilitate change, leading to success.

  • develop and implement their skills of appropriate assertiveness, patience, self-discipline and self-control

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