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Exceptional Equine 


Is to provide the highest quality of proven Equine Assisted Learning Programs for youth leadership development, personal development, and teambuilding that empowers all people to be their own best leaders in life

About Us

Established 20

Exceptional Equine’s 3rd year of Equine Assisted Learning Programs was again a great success. With the build of Exceptional Equine’s new facility we had a later start but the wait proved to be worth it.  75 students participated in the 12 Exercise Building Block Curriculum Programs. We had students from SD 59 Elementary Schools and Central Campus, Mountain Christian School, and Home Education Programs. Along with our 12 Exercise Curriculum Programs we ran Team Building Programs and one day Leadership Programs with South Peace Secondary Senior Basketball Team and SD 60’s Bert Bowes Middle School.

 Our new facility has opened up new opportunities and created an environment that students from all different walks of life and learning levels are collaborating and sharing their life experiences. By communicating their ideas, the whole experience of being at Exceptional Equine’s facility has engaged students and bridged the gap between theory and practice.   Exceptional Equines 12 Exercise Building Block Curriculum Programs has had a 98% graduate success rate in 2019. We have also noticed a difference in parent engagement. Multiple parents, family and siblings came to participate in the graduation day programs. It was truly wonderful to see the excitement in the students to be sharing their experiences and favorite horses with their families.


We are gearing up to have the best year yet with more opportunities for students, families and teams. There are new events Family Programs, One on One Programs, and fun nights that include Date Nights. This summer Exceptional Equine hosted the Cartier Farms EAL Facilitators Certification. Now we have a fully certified team of facilitators. To increase engagement of parents and teachers we have developed feedback forms. This will allow us to have written confirmation of the positive changes the EAL programs are bring to the students in the classroom and at home.  

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