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Team Building Workshops

Your Business Is Unique

This Corporate Day is made for your business. With our innovative programs we can tailor a day to work on your specific needs. 

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How does it work?

Each Corporate day starts with an Initial Consultation.  That means you tell us what your needs are.  This can be anywhere on the Business map.

  • Communication 

  • Leadership

  • Building Business Relationships

  • Problem Solving 

  • And many more


Then we create a program for you.  This will begin with a full day of programs selected from our researched based bank of applicable workshops for you.  

This is where we separate ourselves from any corporate programs out there.  Removing your company from anything ever tried before, you and your team will immediately find common ground through a new experience, and start to observe the individuality of each person in your group.  Its guaranteed to work. 

When you arrive, -orientation, introductions and program information.  We select your teams and then you're off through the objective based programs.  This system allows for each individual to have growth independently while working with a group.  Lunch is provided for all day programs.

Your day will finish off with a debrief and tangibles to take back to your field.    The take back packages are designed to let the objectives and solutions ruminate for your whole team to reference at any time.  

The learning never stops.  What happens when your Corporate day is over?  We can assist you on working on maintaining the flow of success by offering maintenance workshops.  These are for companies that have attended the full day programs to work on keeping the momentum going.  You will never have the same program twice! We custom make every workshop for you. 

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