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Jan 16 - Feb 20 Thursday's 

Progressive Riding Lessons (level 1-2)

Level 1

Perfect for the brand new horse enthusiast or those who maybe rode "a long time ago". Level 1 takes you through all of the horse basics; safety, grooming, tacking, proper handling & body language. In the saddle you will explore concepts at the walk & trot (once you're ready!); correct riding position, proper cues, arena figures, relaxation & rhythm and more!


Level 2

For riders who have completed Level 1 or have the equivalent amount of experience from another horse adventures. Level 2 begins on horsemanship principles of horse psychology, more in depth herd behavior, basic health care & stable management. In the saddle, students will be putting more emphasis into the trot, working towards developing independent aids (cues to the horse), riding the bend, working with obstacles, balance, rhythm & relaxation.

Nothing to book right now. Check back soon.
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